Vexed (for Nokia 9210 Communicators) for Symbian

Your goal... to match the blocks so they dissappear. Your enemy... the laws of Gravity
Vexed (for Nokia 9210 Communicators)
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Version: 1.10

"Vexed is an awesome game... you won't be able to put it down."n"Probably the most enjoyable piece of leisure software since Jumpy."n"Bloody frustrating... I could kill the author if I get my hands on him."n"It's like a thinking persons Tetris

Vexed (for Nokia 9210 Communicators) by: Izzyhack, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: Requires Free OPL Runtime to be Installed

About Vexed (for Nokia 9210 Communicators)

"Vexed is an awesome game... you won't be able to put it down."
"Probably the most enjoyable piece of leisure software since Jumpy."
"Bloody frustrating... I could kill the author if I get my hands on him."
"It's like a thinking persons Tetris."Vexed has been a monster hit on the Psion platform, and now FreEPOC are taking you into the next level of infuriating puzzles. With over 500 levels, you can join the continuing adventures of Sekushi Dianno as she journeys through the wastes of the Middle East after the elusive trophy of Puzznic...Puzznic talked of riddles of evil cunning and whole rooms controlled by the movement of giant tiles, doors with intricate mechanisms, lethal boobytraps. My health is failing me and I will not live long enough to try and recover the treasures, find all the tombs and unlock their secrets.Vexed is now available for the Nokia Communicator, as well as all the ER5 Epoc machines. Apart from that, there's nothing to stop you getting frustrates, no matter what machine you have...Why is Vexed Labelled Shareware when it is Freeware?Many people have asked how they can support Vexed through a small donation - to aid this I have labelled Vexed as shareware at Handango where it may be purchased for the sum of $10. From this I will recieve around £5 into my UK Bank Account. Note that buying Vexed does not give you a different version! It is simply to register your support and to help me continue providing High Quality Software.If you don't buy it, then enjoy the software and send me an Email when you reach level 34. If you make a donation, Thank You!!!

Vexed (for Nokia 9210 Communicators), compatible Devices

Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia 9290 Communicator

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