Quad (for Nokia 9210 Communicators) for Symbian

The complexity of Chess. The simplicity of Noughts and Crosses. And as fast as lightning!
Quad (for Nokia 9210 Communicators)
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Version: 1.00

Then complexity of Chess...n Then simplicity of Noughts and Crosses...n Andn as fast as lightning!n G. Keith Still: Then Designer of QuadnQuad is the classic strategy game that you may not have heard

Quad (for Nokia 9210 Communicators) by: Izzyhack, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: Requires Free OPL Runtime to be Installed

About Quad (for Nokia 9210 Communicators)

The complexity of Chess... The simplicity of Noughts and Crosses... And as fast as lightning! G. Keith Still: The Designer of Quad Quad is the classic strategy game that you may not have heard of. Designed by G.Keith Still in 1979, his goal then was to develop a quick to play but complexgame with fewer rules than 'Go.' Ewan Spence's goal now is to bring you thisunusual yet highly compelling strategy game to your palmtop.The aim of Quad is simple. You haveto make the four corners of a perfect square (a quad) with your attackingmarbles, while at the same time stopping your opponent doing the same. To aidyou, you also have six blocking stars. These stop your opponent finishing aquad, but they also block you!Quad features:
  • Intuitive control system.
  • 4 levels of Computer AI to challenge any level of Quad player.
  • Digital sounds.
  • Tutorial mode to help you learn the game.
  • Automatic Advance mode to allow you to compete against all the skill levels.
I wrote Quad for two reasons. The first was to see if i could do an A.I. opponent that played a challenging game against both a noivice and an experienced player. I think I succeeded there. I also like the complexity of the game - and if you stick with Quad and experiment with strategies, I hope you will enjoy it too. Maybe if I work out an SMS based version I can challenge you to a game in the future!Why is Vexed Labelled Shareware when it is Freeware? Many people have asked how they can support my applications through a small donation - to aid this I have labelled Vexed as shareware at Handango where it may be purchased for the sum of $10. From this I will recieve around £5 into my UK Bank Account. Note that buying Quad does not give you a different version! It is simply to register your support and to help me continue providing High Quality Software.

Quad (for Nokia 9210 Communicators), compatible Devices

Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia 9290 Communicator

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