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It`s time to break the memory limitation of your SmartPhone now!
Stacker for UIQ
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Version: 1.00

It`s time to break the memory limitation of your Smartphone now!nStacker is the best, fully automatized and reliable compression system for your device. Stacker software doubles the size of your entire drives and works invisible behind the scene. When yo

Stacker for UIQ by: Rock Your Mobile!, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: Works on all devices!

About Stacker for UIQ

It`s time to break the memory limitation of your Smartphone now!

Stacker is the best, fully automatized and reliable compression system for your device. Stacker software doubles the size of your entire drives and works invisible behind the scene. When you start an application it becomes decompressed in background automatically and is compressed again when you close it.

Stacker is the best way to increase disks space on your device, it guarantees to give you as much disk space as possible without even thinking about it, moreover Stacker includes fully featured file manager with compressing/decompressing files or folders functions.

Applications view

You may be aware that you can use compression to save your files in smaller forms, but you may not know how easy it can be! Program's interface is intuitive and easy to use. Stacker displays the list of installed apps. Just select an application you want to be compressed and press "Archive" button.

In this view you can see how much space the application is using now and if the application is compressed it shows its compression rate.

You can work with your device as usual and there are absolutely no changes to your system. All compressed applications are displayed in system shell and can be launched from there (and from anywhere as well, e.g. from Tracker, etc).

When compressed application is being started you see decompressing progress indicator. After the indicator disappears the application will be started.

After you close the program it will be automatically compressed again in background. This is an easy, foolproof and the fastest way to regain space in your system.

FileMan view

Our professional File Manager built in Stacker gives you full control over the file system. With the help of this utility you can browse your folders, copy, move, rename files and folders, view and send files via Infrared and bluetooth and much much more. Moreover, with Stacker's file manager you can compress/decompress any files or folders located on your device (but please try to avoid compressing system files/folders and files which function you don't know!).

File manager interface was designed to give you maximum comfort combined with the maximum number of powerful functions.

Pressing button shows available disks you can select. Here you also can see brief disks information. On the left from disks button you can see the current path.

Almost all FileMan operations can be performed on more than one file or folder. To select/deselect any item click check box located near every item.

On the bottom you can see the status pane that displays some useful information about the current item or selected items. Clicking it invokes the properties dialog that displays the current path in full (or a name if one item is selected only) and total size of selected item(s) (including size of folders)

FileMan performs all operations in an asynchronous way. It allows you to see an operation progress and ability to cancel any operation safely without waiting to complete. Moreover, it handles all possible errors during the operation and takes appropriate actions. For example, if you are moving 10 files and one of the files is, say, read only it shows the error display that says that is read only and offers you to stop the whole operation, to skip the current file only, to skip the file and the rest of the files that can have similar state or to retry the operation with the current file again.

With button you can immediately return to Applications view.

FileMan commands: Compress, Decompress, Open, Properties, Rename, Copy, Move, Delete, New folder, Change attributes, View file as text, Send via infrared and Send via Bluetooth.

FileMan preferences: Highlight previous folder, Use MIME recognizer, Show ROM drives, Show system folders, Mark/Unmark, Mark all, Unmark all, Invert selection and Sort by...

Look and feel settings

Stacker is fully customizeable and you can define how it will look and act. In look and feel settings you can define which layout and performance will be used while a compressed application is being started and when it is being closed and compressed.

There are two types of progress indicators available:

Large progress indicator - if selected displays an indicator in the status bar area which has the size of Status bar area. An indicator displayed in the status bar area instead of battery indicator will be shown if the option is not selected There are two performance options available:

Process in background - if selected, then compressor is optimized for multitasking, so while compressing/decompressing you can work with your device almost without noticeable performance lost and without limitations. The compressor is optimized for high speed if the option is not selected. Default settings: when application is being started it uses high speed settings and large progress layout, when application is being closed and compressed again it uses background settings for speed and small progress indicator.

Miscellaneous functions

Start\Stop\Switch to button, Application info command, Total information command, Compact Contacts command and Compact memory command.

Behind the screen

To keep your data in smaller forms we use industry standard LZ77 compression algorithm. The one all ZIP programs use. Stacker doesn't have always-in-memory module that runs always when system works. Stacker's compressor is loaded only when it is needed (to compress or decompress app) and unloaded immediately after the work is done. Hence Stacker doesn't waste valuable memory, doesn't slow down the whole system, and doesn't provoke batteries to discharge faster.

Stacker not only saves your disk space it compresses device memory as well when any compressed application starts or finishes. That keeps maximum amount of memory everytime you work with your device! Intellectual rollback if there was any error while compressing/decompressing (out of disk space, etc). That gives you reliable and fail safe work with your device. Automatic recovering if you have upgraded/deleted the compressed application without decompressing it first. So no need to think whether your application was compressed or not before upgrading it, Stacker will care about it for you automatically!

If you start a compressed program and then power off or restart your device without closing the compressed program then you can simply start Stacker and it will automatically compress all programs that remain uncompressed because of device restart automatically. Full support for MGS games. All MGS games are compressed/decompressed automatically with MGS console. When an application is being compressed or decompressed you can meantime work normally with your device. But if you try to start this app you'll get 'App is busy' message. It's not an error, it's the message to you that the compressor is already working on this application. But there are no limitations to other applications, you can start/close as many compressed applications as you want at the same time. Our compressor can handle multiple requests.

Stacker for UIQ, compatible Devices

BenQ P30, Motorola A1000, Motorola A925, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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