T2Me (Push-to-Talk) for Series 60 for Symbian

A Push2Talk system which turns your cell phone into a virtual Walkie-Talkie; It enables voice messaging with other T2Me users simply by typing in their number and a button-push.
T2Me (Push-to-Talk) for Series 60
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Version: 1.45

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T2Me (Push-to-Talk) for Series 60 by: T2Me, last updated: 15/11/2004


About T2Me (Push-to-Talk) for Series 60

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What is Talk2Me
Talk2Me is a Push-to-Talk system which converts   your existing cellular phone into a virtual Walkie-  Talkie; it lets you exchange voice messages with   other Talk2Me users anywhere in the world simply by typing in their phone numbers and a button-push. Talk2Me is also available for desktop computers which creates countless possibilities. more 

  For Cell Phones
  Next generation   Messaging; why slog away   typing text when you can   just say it? What''s more Talk2Me spans all Networks and International boundaries. FREE for a limited time. more

  For Personal   Computers
  Need it for your desktop   computer? Go right ahead   and use it for FREE. Special Operator Switchboard Console for corporate customers. get it  

Say hello ... The way YOU say it!
Works the way you expect a phone application to work. No adding people to buddy lists or having to be logged on to chat servers ... All you need to send a message from Talk2Me is their phone number. Its as easy as making a phone call. Talk2Me is the only Push-to-Talk system with a desktop version. T2Me for PC now available
The much awaited PC version
of T2Me is now available for download. Your comments and suggestions
are welcome ... Enjoy!

T2Me (Push-to-Talk) for Series 60, compatible Devices

Nokia 3650, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7650

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