XP910 Mobile O.S. English - Tracker 4 Operative Skin for Symbian

Operative Skin for Tracker 4. Improve your P910 feeling. With XP910 you will have always your desktop efficient and tidy.
XP910 Mobile O.S. English - Tracker 4 Operative Skin
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Version: 1.05

eXPerience Mobile English Edition neXPerience Mobile improves use and graphical aspect of your Sony Ericsson P910 handset.nAfter XP910 O.S. Mobile introduction, Tracker will integrate completely in UIQ Symbian interface.nXP910 Mobile doesn't want to

XP910 Mobile O.S. English - Tracker 4 Operative Skin by: TriPoX Software, last updated: 06/01/2005

Requirements: Requires Tracker 4.04 (or above), 3.5MB free disk space (full installation), 800KB of available RAM

About XP910 Mobile O.S. English - Tracker 4 Operative Skin

eXPerience Mobile English Edition
eXPerience Mobile improves use and graphical aspect of your Sony Ericsson P910 handset.After XP910 O.S. Mobile introduction, Tracker will integrate completely in UIQ Symbian interface.
XP910 Mobile doesn't want to be only a simple Windows XP example, but to remember it only in graphic look. It is been designed:
- to speed up smartphone use
- to keep in order any installed application
eXPerience Mobile can be enjoyed in five languages.

Other available languages:

Why XP910 is been designed?
XP910 Operative Skin is been designed to reduce dramatically the time to launch any installed applications, phone services or preinstalled Sony Ericsson programs, in order to keep your shortcuts forever.
If you are already a Windows user, you will be facilitated by XP910 Mobile potentialities. Target of XP910 Mobile is that one to offer an interface:
- Interactive, really comparable to Windows eXPerience platform.
- Intuitive and immediate, with reasonable shortcuts, buttons and popups.
- Easy to use and simple to remember, with large and original Symbian icons.
- Integrated in Symbian UIQ 2.1 Interface, now Tracker will seem needful in any smartphone functions.
What's in the XP910 Package?
XP910 Pakage contents (9MB):
- eXPerience P910 Mobile O.S. 1.05 Standard Edition (single sis file). This package includes: Standard Theme and Logon/Logoff Flip sounds
- Aquarium Theme installer addon (sis file)
- Future Theme installer addon (sis file)
- Standard Theme reinstaller addon (sis file)
- Two icons packages: more than 650 icons (for UIQ Symbian program shortcuts) designed and resized in 32x32 pixels (sis files)
- Installation instructions and shortcut Tutorial (pdf file)

Note: Each Theme included: buttons, menu, backgrounds and sounds.Summary product description
In eXPerience Mobile Skin there are 13 main sections: Desktop, Today, Immediate Contacts (9 sub-sections), windows Mobile Office (4 sub-sections), windows Ebooks (2 sub-sections), windows Calculation (4 sub-sections), windows Messaging (4 sub-sections), windows Imaging (4 sub-sections), windows Multi-media (2 sub-sections), windows Game Symbian (8 sub-sections), windows Emulators (2 sub-sections), Windows Utilities (4 sub-sections),windows Connections (2 sub-sections).

Compatibility and requirements
XP910 O.S. Mobile is only designed for SE P910 smartphones.XP910 O.S. Mobile doesn't support old SE P800/P900 devices (see XPX00 O.S. Mobile English for P800/P900 devices).
You must have "Tracker 4.04" or above (available from Handango) installed on your phone in order for this product to work.
You can install XP910 Mobile skin (.sis file) to your phone via usb, infrared or bluetooth.
For XP910 Mobile full functionality, you have to install on your phone the following products:
- Fileman (shareware and included in Tracker license)
- Taskman (shareware and included in Tracker license)
- Opera Browser (free)
- Netfront Browser (free)
- Ebook a reader by Symbianware (shareware)
- Ebook maker by Symbianware (free)
- Escumm emulator (free)
- Goboy emulator (free)
- Frodo emulator (free)
- Stacker by Symbianware (shareware)
- FilesearchPro by DeVeLoPeR (shareware/free)

Additional information
Please visit XP MobileUpdates (http://digilander.libero.it/ing.tripodina/updates.html) for additional information on product updates and developments.
The XP910 Mobile product is developed by TriPoX. For more information on XP Mobile O.S., visit XP910Mobile site (http://digilander.libero.it/ing.tripodina/index.html).

XP910 Mobile O.S. English - Tracker 4 Operative Skin, compatible Devices

Sony Ericsson P910

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