BlackLister 1.1 for Symbian

This new product incorporates advanced technology for instantaneous call handling to make sure that your mobile really stays absolutely silent for blacklisted numbers.
BlackLister 1.1
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Version: 1.1

BlackLister: n Filter calls on Series 60 mobile phones. nWith Instantaneous Call handling - so your mobile does not ring at all for blacklisted numbers!nVersion 1.1 for Nokia 7650, 3650, n N-Gage, 3620 and 3660 handsets.nYou may be using n a e-ma

BlackLister 1.1 by: WirelessGenies, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: 58 KB of phone memory space

About BlackLister 1.1

BlackLister: Filter calls on Series 60 mobile phones.

With Instantaneous Call handling - so your mobile does not ring at all for blacklisted numbers!Version 1.1 for Nokia 7650, 3650, N-Gage, 3620 and 3660 handsets.
You may be using a e-mail spam filter to keep your inbox clean. However, your mobile phone is perhaps a more important communication tool for direct communication with the people who matter for you. What filters do you use on your mobile phone to filter out unwanted calls? Imagine how much time you could save each day resulting in improvements to your productivity and efficiency if you could filter the calls that you receive on your personal mobile phone?It is not just time that is wasted but also the mental and emotional stress that can be generated by some calls which can affect your state of mind, quality of life and work performance. It is time you took effective action to filter your calls by installing BlackLister.BlackLister is an innovative application that enables Symbian OS based mobile phone users to filter out unwanted calls by blacklisting specified numbers.How often have you wished that:
  • Your time was not wasted in answering unwanted phone calls?
  • A particular person would stop calling you?
  • You had a Secretary to filter unwanted incoming calls and who never reported sick?
  • Your phone would not ring in the middle of an important business meeting or at the theatre or a similar public place?
  • You were saved the irritation of your mobile ringing with yet another call from an unwelcome caller?
  • You were saved the embarrassment of having to cut an incoming call after recognizing the caller ID resulting in the caller realizing that you had not accepted her call?
  • You could block all calls from a particular area code or a particular country or simply mute the ringer for all incoming calls?
  • You could have a record of filtered calls so that you could view and return calls from selected numbers at leisure?
BlackLister is a very user friendly and flexible shareware application that enables the user to do all these functions on Nokia Series 60 phones. With BlackLister you can accomplish the following tasks:
  • Blacklist calls from selected numbers.
  • Set the blacklisted number to reject all calls or mute ringer on call receipt.
  • View call logs for blacklisted numbers that are set in Silent mode.
  • Input numbers for blacklisting either manually or by selecting and adding numbers from the phone book.
  • Set the phone ringer to mute for all incoming calls.
  • Blacklist calls from a particular area code or country or numbers starting with any particular number or sequence of numbers.
View the flash presentation.Download the User Guide Read the FAQ. We have provided a trial version that you can check on your handset for up to 14 days before you decide to buy the application. Please read the provisions of the license and the User Guide before installing the application on your handset. Visit for more information.
For additional information contact us at:
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BlackLister 1.1, compatible Devices

Nokia 3650, Nokia 7650, Nokia N-Gage

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