Legacy (UIQ) Revenge for Symbian

Romance, evil characters, some humor, even kidnapping - in new Legacy Expansion Pack!
Legacy (UIQ) Revenge
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Version: 1.0

Legacy: Revenge - Expansion Packn      from Charles Parksn New worlds to explore.n New quests to solve. n Explore ancient ruins, solve puzzles, rescue maidens, slay dragons, and maybe land in jail! n Ancient riddles and myste

Legacy (UIQ) Revenge by: Redshift, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: Requires registered Legacy, and 200KB store

About Legacy (UIQ) Revenge

Legacy: Revenge - Expansion Pack
     from Charles Parks New worlds to explore.
New quests to solve.
Explore ancient ruins, solve puzzles, rescue maidens, slay dragons, and maybe land in jail! Ancient riddles and mysterious women.
Can you be the one legends speak of? Destiny awaits.

+30 hours gameplay. 15 levels, 16 quests, clickable objects. surprises, humor, romance, fighting and slaying await.

  • Puzzle difficulties: low to moderate
  • Overall difficulty: Moderate to Hard
  • Access City: Grendelmoore
  • Monster levels: 15-25

The Expansion Pack requires registered Legacy 1.05.1 UIQ version. If you have a registered 1.05 version, then please upgrade it to 1.05.1 by downloading and installing it. This is a free upgrade for you, and contains a fixed version.

    Direct link to Legacy 1.05.1.


Legacy (UIQ) Revenge, compatible Devices

Motorola A925, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900

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