MegaPack for P800/P900/P910 -- Incredible Mega-Savings! for Symbian

97 Great Apps at Incredible Savings
MegaPack for P800/P900/P910 -- Incredible Mega-Savings!
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97 great applications at one LOW LOW price - just 59.95!L3''s MegaPack contains a huge variety of popular applications in eight categories, including award winning programs for business, health and fitness, personal finance, reference, must-have utiliti

MegaPack for P800/P900/P910 -- Incredible Mega-Savings! by: L3Solutions, LLC, last updated: 15/11/2004


About MegaPack for P800/P900/P910 -- Incredible Mega-Savings!

97 great applications at one LOW LOW price - just 59.95!

L3''s MegaPack contains a huge variety of popular applications in eight categories, including award winning programs for business, health and fitness, personal finance, reference, must-have utilities, games, multimedia, personal productivity, and much more! These are the FULL and COMPLETE versions of great applications like LoanCalc, ExpenseReport, SmartSheet, Backgammon, MyDiet, and Units! (Scroll down the page to find the complete list of applications included in MegaPack).

MegaPack isn''t demoware or trial versions - these are real, fully activated, fully functional applications with a perpetual single user license. Each program is the exact same software that L3 sells at list prices from 9.95 to 24.95. That makes the MegaPack a $1500 value, if bought individually!

How can we do it? L3Solutions is the world''s leading publisher of full-featured mobile software. No other software vendor can offer you such an outstanding value on such a variety of high quality applications. For about the same price that other companies charge for a single program, you can have a comprehensive software library.

MegaPack is the best value in the mobile software universe. Order today!

But the benefits are just beginning when you order MegaPack. Along with the huge variety of great applications, MegaPack includes these value added features:
  • FREE Updates! Every improvement and update we release to MegaPack applications is yours free. No upgrade fees, no extra charges. Forever. And that''s a promise.
  • FREE New Software! For a full year after you purchase MegaPack, you''ll receive a free perpetual license to every new application L3 publishes for your selected platform! Once each month or so, we''ll send you an email telling you about our latest applications, and providing download instructions with your personal key code. Of course, we can''t reveal the applications that we are working on, but we think you''ll like them! After the first year, you can choose to continue receiving new applications for a nominal annual subscription fee.
  • FREE Device Migration! If you change PDA platforms or move to a smart phone, there''s no need to buy a whole new set of applications. Your MegaPack licenses go with you! L3 supports all of the popular mobile platforms, including Palm (OS 3.1, 4.x, OS 5 and OS 6), Pocket PC, Nokia Communicators, Symbian Series 60 smart phones, and Sony-Ericsson P800/P900 UIQ smart phones. Just let us know and we''ll transfer your licenses. And of course we''ll keep you informed of all the new FREE releases for your new platform (Note: most, but not all, applications are available on all platforms).
  • FREE Mega Support! MegaPack customers are entitled to FREE priority support via a special email address with priority handling!

    Is there a reason not to get the MegaPack? If the only thing you want to do with your PDA / smart phone is play Backgammon, well, L3 publishes the best Backgammon game on the market. Just buy it individually -- at 14.95, it is a very good value. But if you have other interests, then scan the list of MegaPack applications below. L3''s MegaPack is designed to provide you with solutions to most every popular mobile software need at an extremely affordable price. Each and every application has proven itself with individual sales at retail pricing of 9.95 to 24.95. With MegaPack pricing at just 59.95, the price per application is so low that you are sure to find MegaPack an incredible value!

    L3Solutions is offering MegaPack because of our commitment to great quality and exceptional value. We believe that by offering our customers this option we will all benefit. Buy it today!

    The complete list of MegaPack applications includes:


    AutoCalc: Tons of useful features for anyone who owns a car
    AutoLog: Track tax-deductible auto mileage and expenses.
    Business Journal: Keep on track with meetings activities notes
    ExpenseReport: Track expenses quickly and easily
    FloorCalc: Professional flooring materials estimates
    SmartSheet: The first true spreadsheet for the SE P800!
    TimeBill: Track and bill time spent working for clients
    WallCalc: Professional estimator for wall coverings/drywall


    Currency Converter: Convert hundreds of currencies!
    FinancialPlanner: Unique financial advisor
    LoanCalc: A mortgage payment calculator and much more!
    MyBudget: Take control of your personal finances!
    MyChecking: Checking and Credit Card accounts in your PDA!
    StockWatch: Instant wireless updates for portfolio values!

    Health and Fitness

    CarboCounter: CarboCounter keeps you on track!
    FastFoodFinder: Nutrition data on the run!
    HealthCalc: Six scientific health calculators and wizards
    MyDiet: A proven approach to weight loss!!!
    NutriData: Fast, easy lookup of USDA food nutrition data!
    NutriLog: Track up to 31 essential nutrients!
    Personal Trainer: Your own Personal Trainer!

    Personal Productivity

    Bartender!: Wow! Over 900 drinks in a fast, fun and easy app!
    DinersChoice: Diner''s Choice is the perfect restaurant companion
    HomeInventory: Track your tangible assets!
    L3 GolfCard: The simple solution for scoring golf matches!
    MyCookbook: Keep your recipes handy!
    MyDiary: Your thoughts, memories, hopes and dreams!
    MyPhotos: Easy image viewer, cool special effect slideshows
    QuoteMaster: Thousands of insights witticisms and inspirations!
    Shopping List: Fast, simple, and easy shopping list organizer
    SmartShopper: New! Feature packed shopping manager and more!
    Spice-o-pedia!: A great and handy reference!


    AsteroidBlast: A classic game updated with cool graphics
    Backgammon: the favorite board game!
    Blackjack PLS: Improve the odds with Professional Learning System
    Brickout: Classic brick fun with infinite levels!
    Chinese Solitaire: Chinese Solitaire is a classic game of logic
    Gomoku: Ancient strategy game -- insanely addictive!!!
    L3 GolfCard: The simple solution for scoring golf matches!
    MineSweep!: Classic strategy game, now on your PDA
    MobileTetra: The classic favorite, now on your PDA!
    Moon Shot!: A port of the classic Lunar Lander arcade game!!!
    Otella: Classic strategy game now for PDAs!
    PokerPuzzle: Fast and furious combo of Poker and slide puzzles!
    StarSwarm!: Beware of the Swarm....
    SubChase!: Fast paced action game!
    Towers: Strategy and action combine!
    Vegas Roulette: Realistic casino excitement


    Alarmist: Enhanced alarms use scribble, audio, images, text!
    CallingCodes: Essential utility for the mobile world!
    DayBookPlus: Integrated calendar, contacts, tasks, and messages
    FormulaCalc: Powerful and flexible formula calculator
    LockBox: Flexible protection for secret information!
    MegaPack: 97 great applications at one LOW price: just 69.95
    QuikNotes: Scribble colorful notes and sketches
    Units: Convert hundreds of different measurement types


    MyPhotos: Easy image viewer, cool special effect slideshows
    Image Calendar Classic Figure Art
    Image Calendar Cubism
    Image Calendar Flowers
    Image Calendar Galaxy
    Image Calendar Gustav Klimt
    Image Calendar Lingerie
    Image Calendar Monet
    Image Calendar Solar System
    Image Calendar Sunsets
    Image Calendar Van Gogh

    Language Reference

    L3 English Dictionary: 125000 fully defined terms in a lightning fast app
    L3 Language learning System (28 bilingual dictionaries)
    Survival Phrases (4 editions)
  • MegaPack for P800/P900/P910 -- Incredible Mega-Savings!, compatible Devices

    BenQ P30, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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