Tree4U Treeview Class for AppForge Developers (SymbianOS) for Symbian

A Class module implementing a full-featured Treeview Control in Mobile devices
Tree4U Treeview Class for AppForge Developers (SymbianOS)
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Version: 1.02

Tree4U Treeview Class Module  fonTree4U Treeview Class Module nfor AppForge MobileVB developersn What nis Tree4U?n AnTree4U is a Visual Basic 6 code module class nthat implements the well-known Treeview control.  nIt is used&nb

Tree4U Treeview Class for AppForge Developers (SymbianOS) by: Apps4U, last updated: 15/11/2004


About Tree4U Treeview Class for AppForge Developers (SymbianOS)

Tree4U Treeview Class Module  foTree4U Treeview Class Module
for AppForge MobileVB developers What is Tree4U? ATree4U is a Visual Basic 6 code module class that implements the well-known Treeview control.  It is used  with an AppForgeAFOwnerGrid  control, and in the development environment of AppForge MobileVB, and along with Visual Basic 6  To whom it is addressed. Tree4U is addressed to the very large family of developers who use Visual Studio 6,Visual Basic 6 and AppForge Mobile VB programming environment, in order to develop mobile applications for PDAs, Pocket  PCs, Symbian SmartPhones etc. It comes to fill a large gap, providing to AppForge developers the so much needed Treeview control. With Tree4U developers get a License to freely include the class module to ALL applications they develop for ALL THE OPERATING SYSTEMS (as far as those are supported by AppForge) and FOR ALL MOBILE DEVICES!! Further to that, they may enhance the code of this class to meet their specific requirements, as it is provided to them OPEN and EXTENSIVELY DOCUMENTED!Features:
  • You can add, remove, arrange, copy, move and otherwise manipulate Nodes by setting properties and invoking methods.
  • You can programmatically expand and collapse Nodes to display or hide all child nodes.
  • Seven predefined events, the onClick, onMouseDown, onBeforeExpand, onAftercollapse, onBeforeNodeDelet, onAfterNodeDelete and onError, also provide programming functionality. You may add as many other events by yourself.
  • You may set a Key string associated with each node. A node key is unique, and the class does not let you enter a duplicate, so it identifies the node. By this key, you may find the Index, and then manipulate the Node.
  • You can navigate through a Tree4U in code by retrieving a reference to Nodes using the GetNodeNextIndex, GetNodeLastIndex, GetNodeFirstIndex, GetNodeLastIndex,  GetNodeFirstChildIndex, GetNodeLastChildIndex and other GetNode methods.
  • You can store in each Node any amount of data in a almost unlimited number of DataFields defined by you!.
  • Several styles are available which alter the appearance of the control. Nodes can appear in one of eight combinations of text, bitmaps, lines, and plus/minus signs.
  • A Node may be Open or Closed. If open and has nodes under it (children) then these children are visible. You may use these properties to show or hide respectively items in another control (e.g. when implementing a File Explorer, when a Folder Node is open, you may show in a ListBox its files).
  • You are free to enhance the code adding functionalities your specific applications may require.
What you get.With the Full Version, you get the following:
  • The clsTree4U.cls class, open and fully documented.
  • The Tree4U Manual, in HTML and PDF formats. The manual covers EVERY Property, Method and Event of  Tree4U.
  • A set of bitmap files containing 17 icons in 4 variations each (Closed, closed/Selected, Open and Open/Selected) 13x13 pixels  each, to be used with Tree4U. The licensee may enhance these icons, change  them or add new ones.
  • Three applications that implement the Tree4U class, fully documented and open, in order to familiarize with the use of Properties, Methods and Events of Tree4U:
    • Teee4UTest Application,  showing ALL Properties, Methods and Events in an interactive way.
    • Company Structure Demo.
    • FolderSelector Application, a fully functional Directory Folder selector.
  • With the Trial (Demo) Version, you get all the above except the class itself. You get instead the above applications implementing the Tree4U class in .EXE format.Requirements
    For the Full Version:
    Tree4U Class Module in order to work properly: 
  • Must be included in Visual Basic 6 code used along  with AppForge Mobile VB  software development suite. 
  • Must reference an AppForge AFOwnerDrawGrid control  placed on a form of the application.
  • For the Trial (Demo) Version:
    A PC with Windows, where Microsoft Visual Basic 6, Visual Studio 6  and AppForge MobileVB  are installed.
    page at

    Tree4U Treeview Class for AppForge Developers (SymbianOS), compatible Devices

    Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia 9290 Communicator, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900

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