Remote A92x/A1000 v1.42 for Symbian

Operate and manage your Motorola A92x/A1000 from your Windows PC by using your desktop screen, keyboard and mouse!
Remote A92x/A1000 v1.42
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Version: 1.42

Remote A92x - Operate your phone from your desktop PCnWith Remote A92x you can control your Motorola A92x from your desktop PC! Just nuse your PC keyboard nand mouse to navigate your phone.nRemote A92x is an ideal tool for:nquickly writing and sendin

Remote A92x/A1000 v1.42 by:, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: Requires unlocked Motorola A92x/A1000, a Windows PC and the PC Suite for Motorola A920/A925

About Remote A92x/A1000 v1.42

Remote A92x - Operate your phone from your desktop PCWith Remote A92x you can control your Motorola A92x from your desktop PC! Just use your PC keyboard and mouse to navigate your phone.Remote A92x is an ideal tool for:
  • quickly writing and sending SMS messages
  • conveniently managing your device using your desktop PC keyboard and mouse
    (add/edit contacts, add bookmarks, configure WEB/WAP settings, etc.)
  • making screenshots or creating AVI movies for tutorials
  • training or presenting applications on a Motorola A92x
Remote A92x Installation Hints:
  • You should use the USB cradle instead of a Bluetooth- or Infrared-connection whenever possible.
  • Remote A92x requires the PC Suite for Motorola A92x (mRouter) for transfering live screenshots between your PC and phone.
  • Simply install Remote A92x SRV on your phone and Remote Px00 on your desktop PC
  • Connect your phone via the PC Suite for Motorola A92x
  • Start Remote A92x SRV on your phone and Remote Px00 on your PC
  • Now press the "Start!" buttonPlease test Remote A92x on your phone and Windows PC before purchasing it!The evaluation version of Remote A92x has a limited view with a demo banner floating on the right side of the screen and a grayed out area on the left side of the screen. You can test Remote A92x for 14 days.Note! Please supply the Symbian-ID ("IMEI", a 15-digit number) of your Motorola A92x when purchasing Remote A92x!Any upgrades or bug-fixes are free for registered users. For upgrade requests, please send a blank email to from the mail-account which you've registered with Handango.Release Notes for Remote A92x:V1.42IMPROVED* Overall memory requirements and speed (slight)V1.40NEW* Support for the new (unlocked) Motorola A92xIMPROVED* Remote A92x SRV is running in 'system' mode; it cannot be stopped by other applications.V1.30NEW* Clipboard: copy and paste text from your PC's clipboard to your A92x and vice versa
    * Frameless-view: hide window frame when Remote A92x is inactive
    * You can configure Remote A92x to stay on top of all windows
    IMPROVED* Windows Tray: one switch for staying in system tray
    * Extended menu from system trayV1.20NEW* Events: Remote A92x virtual window pops up on events: incoming phone call, SMS or MMS
    * Windows Tray: Remote A92x can be sent to the tray
    FIXED* Keyboard bug: numeric keys ('0'-'9') for non-US keyboardsIMPROVED* Facelifting: all icons are changed to look more like a Motorola A92xV1.14FIXED* USER 21: eliminated USER 21 bug which caused sporadic crashes
    * Keyboard-bug: now compatible with Java applications (no more "double-chars")
    IMPROVED* Mouse events: sending mouse position on mouse button-click/-hold onlyV1.12IMPROVED* Battery draining: improved detection of accidental disconnects (off-cradle/notebook stand-by/BT out-of-range) by using a 20 second keep-alive timerV1.10NEW* Support for Jog-Dial (using wheel-mouse or PAGE UP/DOWN)
    * Support for hardware keys (Jog-Dial click: F1, Jog-Dial back: F2, Jog-Dial fwd: F3, blue button: F4, cam button: F5)IMPROVED* Memory Managment: release memory when disconnectedFIXED* Battery draining: suspend Remote A92x when disconnected
    * Keyboard problem: keys weren't routed to the A92x sometimesV1.00 * Initial Release
  • Remote A92x/A1000 v1.42, compatible Devices

    Motorola A1000, Motorola A925, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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