Holy Kojiki for Symbian

English translation of the Kojiki - Sacred text of Shinto religion. Requires Mobipocket Reader available from www.mobipocket.com.
Holy Kojiki
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Holy Kojiki is a sacred text of Shinto religion.nThis is the english translation in Mobipocket Reader PRC format.nMobipocket Reader is available for free download at nmobipocket.com.nSteps for installing:n» Download Mobipocket reader.n&ra

Holy Kojiki by: Ishwar.com, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: Mobipocket reader available from www.mobipocket.com

About Holy Kojiki

Holy Kojiki is a sacred text of Shinto religion.
This is the english translation in Mobipocket Reader PRC format.
Mobipocket Reader is available for free download at mobipocket.com.
Steps for installing:
» Download Mobipocket reader.
» Install Mobipocket reader on your device.
» Copy the PRC file of the sacred text to your device.
Steps for reading the text:
» Start Mobipocket reader on your device.
» Open the PRC file in Mobipocket reader on your device.

Kojiki or Hurukotohumi is the oldest known historical book about the ancient history of Japan. Literally, it means "records of past things".According to the preface, the book was presented by O no Yasumaro based on the story memorized by Hieda no Are in 712 under the order of the Imperial Court. Nihonshoki followed the book.

Kojiki is not an official recounting of history like Nihonshoki. Except for in Kojiki, no other book has record that it had been organized under an official order. This had led some to claim that Kojiki had been forged much later from Nihonshoki but this claim have a very few support. The name Kojiki is likely to be just a name pointing old books.

Kojiki contains from the start of the world as they were constructed by deities to the era of Empress Suiko and contain various myths and legends. It also contains various songs.

While historical records and myths are written in Chinese, songs are written with Chinese characters but using them only to convey sounds of songs.This special use of Chinese characters is called Manyougana and is a critical knowledge to understanding these songs. These songs are in the dialect of 7-8 AD Yamato area and is called Jyoudai Nihongo lit. the upper age's Japanese.

It is written down as having 13 different syllables and two different pronunciation of them totaling 39 written forms. The current basic Japanese writing form, hiragana has 46 characters, 20 additional pronunciations, 5 additional pronunciations totaling 71 written forms.

Intro taken from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kojiki

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