TUBE 2 London Geo (Symbian UIQ3) for Symbian

Geographically accurate London tube & street map. Accurately locates all the central stations and major places of interest, with quickest subway route finder & animated display.
TUBE 2 London Geo (Symbian UIQ3)
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Version: 1.0

TUBE 2 London Geo (Symbian UIQ3) by: Visual IT, last updated: 24/07/2007

Requirements: Symbian UIQ3 OS phone

About TUBE 2 London Geo (Symbian UIQ3)

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This superb map package for Tube 2 is the ideal map for anyone who needs to get around London using the underground system and would like to know just exactly where they are. The map geographically accurately locates London's central tube stations, overlaid onto an informative street map.

Not only will it show you where all the most popular locations are situated it will also plan the shortest journey there by subway, giving you detailed directions on what trains to take and in what direction but also service running times, fare zones, ticketing information etc. plus see a superb animated display of your journey tracking around the system map.

See where the tube lines actually run & where the stations are in relation to you.
See easily if you can walk rather than take the tube.
See how far London's many places and many points of interest are actually away.
Includes hundreds of searchable points of interest with further detailed information.

Why not try the free fully working 3 day trial today.
You will require the free Tube 2 engine to view this map: Click Here To Download

To see all the maps available for Tube 2: Click here

TUBE 2 London Geo (Symbian UIQ3), compatible Devices


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