Call Manager for Symbian

Call Manager is a Symbian signed application for Cellphones similar to an answering machine. Supports Nokia 6110, N80, N93, E50, E60, E61i,E90,etc
Call Manager
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Version: 1.01

Call Manager by: One View Systems Pvt. Ltd, last updated: 06/11/2007

Requirements: Symbian OS 3rd Edition

About Call Manager

Call ManagerCall Manager is a Symbian signed application for mobile phones similar to an advanced answering machine. The application enables the user to play or record voice message from a caller. This received voice message can be recorded automatically and played at the user’''s wish. Instead all calls can be disconnected and an appropriate message can be sent to the user concerning the reason for not attending the call. It is very user friendly and easy to manage.
Application is compatible for Nokia S60 series 3ed devices.Main Features
  • Call Log: Screen shows the call history with call status (missed, received or dialed) and image indication for attachment.
    Following options are available in Call Log screen.
  • Playback the recorded message
  • Call to the selected number
  • Send message
  • Add selected number to the contacts database
  • Delete selected number from call logs
  • Voice Response: Like an answering machine, calls will be received by the CallManager. Callers response will be recorded and files can be played back through the call logs screen.

  • Reject + Send SMS: All calls will be disconnected and an appropriate message will be sent to the user concerning the reason for not attending the call. It lets the user to add new messages, view and delete messages.

  • Record Conversation: Customised mode of telephone call recording. SMALL recording size. UNLIMITED RECORDING TIME! Limited only by free memory space.

  • Priority List: User can assign priorities to selected contact numbers to bypass voice response mode and provision to connect or disconnect the call.

  • Mute ringer: Sets the phone to silent mode
User can also add
  • a new voice message to be send to the caller
  • set the delay before the device goes into the voice response mode and
  • set the length of time for recording caller information.
  • The application supports Nokia 6110, N80, N93, E50, E60, E61i, E90 cellphones.

    Call Manager, compatible Devices


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