AutoProfiles for Symbian

Let AutoProfiles change profiles on your Nokia for you: automatic profile change based on your schedule and meeting in your mobile calendar
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Version: 1.0

Get rid of the painful situations when your mobile rings unexpectedly in the business meeting or in the middle of the night. AutoProfiles will switch the profiles automatically for you, based on your schedule and mobile calendar entries. It is perfect sol

AutoProfiles by: SymbianGuru, last updated: 19/06/2007

Requirements: Series 60.3

About AutoProfiles

Update of 30.08.2007: AutoProfiles 2.0 include now a Bluetooth scheduler! Also it works now with recurring meetings in mobile calendar, as well as with imported meetings. The trial was extended to 10 free days for you to test.

AutoProfiles 2.0 is a professional profile scheduler combined with a Bluetooth scheduler.

We recommend using AutoProfiles because:

- It has easily customisable schedule for profile change and intuitive interface
- It reads data from your mobile calendar and sets selected profile when you have a meeting
- It saves your time for profile changing
- It may be used as a Bluetooth scheduler when you are in a car or in the office

AutoProfiles can be totally adjusted to your lifestyle. The application uses your personal schedule for changing profiles. In schedule you can specify activation date and time for a certain profile, choose among the recurring conditions (wide range from Once till Yearly, including workdays and weekends) and set deactivation date and time. You can define your specific workdays and use also your user defined profiles for the change.

Auto Profiles read mobile calendar entries and activate the chosen profile (for example Silent or Meeting) during the meeting time.

For your convenience Auto Profiles have Today tab, where all schedules planned for the current day are visible.

Key Features:

- Automatic profile timer based on schedule
- The Bluetooth status change can be performed automatically together with profile change
- Change to selected profile during a meeting in the mobile calendar
- Every schedule entry can be activated and deactivated at any time
- Scheduling of mobile native and of user defined profiles
- Profile deactivation time can be chosen
- Overlapping scheduling not a problem due to different priorities for schedule conditions
- Today tab shows all profile changes scheduled for the current day
- Autostart function: when active the application starts on the mobile start and stays in the background
- Adjustable workdays

Registration Information

The trial version is limited for 5 days. A license code based on IMEI is provided upon purchase.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian

AutoProfiles, compatible Devices

Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500d, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N95

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