Duden - German dictionary of synonyms for UIQ 3.0 for Symbian

With Duden German dictionary of synonyms the most suitable word will be always at hand: 300,000 synonyms for 20,000+ keywords, plenty of word usage examples and apt expressions.
Duden - German dictionary of synonyms for UIQ 3.0
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Version: 2.0

Duden - German dictionary of synonyms for UIQ 3.0 by: Paragon Technologie GmbH, last updated: 11/12/2007

Requirements: Symbian UIQ 3.0

About Duden - German dictionary of synonyms for UIQ 3.0

Brockhaus Duden Neue Medien GmbH in Mannheim is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bibliographical Institute & F. A. Brockhaus AG publishing house. Duden’'s reference books and dictionaries are specially meant for journalists, editors, students, interpreters, and translators, as well as for everyone else, who wants to write or speak neatly and stylistically correctly. With Duden, German's leading language reference publisher, and SlovoEd application engine from Paragon Software (SHDD), the world's leading provider of software for mobile platforms, two industry leaders have combined their efforts to provide a brilliant solution for your translation and reference needs. Captivating, clear, and informative Duden German dictionary of synonyms gives alternatives to phrase your ideas more precisely. The new 4th edition is based on the obligatory rules dated August, 2006.
What other words stand for interessant or darstellen, erklären, fröhlich and machen? Does the word anscheinend mean the same as scheinbar? Is there any difference between selbst and selber?All the words you look up are easy to find by the keywords, intricate system of cross-references was rejected. To make the work with the dictionary still easier, all the synonyms in the entry are arranged into groups according to their similarity with the keyword based on style, origin, correlation in temporal and professional aspect.
  • 300 000 synonyms for more than 20 000 up-to-date keywords.
  • Helpful word usage examples (e.g. for the word Erziehungsurlaub the official prescribed synonym is Elternzeit; previously used word taubstumm corresponds to modern gehörlos).
  • Alternative apt expressions for 200 idioms (e.g. the expression das A und O has several synonymous words and phrases: das Brennpunkt, das Wesentliche, das Wichtigste, der springende Punkt; Dreh- und Angelpunkt, Hauptpunkt, and Hauptsache).
This reference book is also incredibly useful for the foreigners learning German seriously. Opportunities you gain with SlovoEd Duden dictionary Several dictionaries installation with the various languages choice (rapid switch amongst dictionaries available, dictionary activation/deactivation option) allow you to have as many dictionary bases as you want in one SlovoEd Cross-lookup feature between articlesSearch History to see the list of last 15 translationsDictionary installation on memory cards to save main memory-space for another programs and applications Optional letter size to set interface in accordance with your taste NEW!!! You can also buy Sound Module which helps you to speak foreign language properly. Check correct word pronunciation with German Sound Module for Duden Dictionaries, containing pre-recorded voice of German native speakers.

Duden - German dictionary of synonyms for UIQ 3.0, compatible Devices


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