MicroPool UIQ for Symbian

Photo-realistic graphics, intuitive controls, simulation and fun... Who is better in pool, You or your phone? Play a full match in the free demo and you will see...
MicroPool UIQ
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MicroPool UIQ by: Gabor Fetter, last updated: 16/12/2007

Requirements: UIQ3 phone

About MicroPool UIQ

MicroPool UIQ is maybe the nicest pool game for UIQ devices.You can read this boring feature description below, but it is highly recommended to try the free demo instead...Features:
  • US 8-ball, 9-ball, Killer and Speed games
  • 1 player, 2 players and demo mode
  • Fast performance
  • photo-realistic graphics
  • Precise physics
  • Stunning sound effects
  • Advanced artificial intelligence
  • Easy learning curve
  • 3 pool tables with different colors
  • On-device help Notes:
  • The demo version is limited to play US-8-ball against the phone.Revision history:
  • 6.00: First public release

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