Pdf+ Basic (for UIQ 3.x smartphones) for Symbian

Pdf+ Basic (for UIQ 3.x Smartphones) is a viewer for PDF (Portable Document Format) documents.
Pdf+ Basic (for UIQ 3.x smartphones)
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Pdf+ Basic (for UIQ 3.x smartphones) by: mBrain Software, last updated: 20/12/2007

Requirements: Requires 1 Megabyte of free memory

About Pdf+ Basic (for UIQ 3.x smartphones)

Pdf+ Basic (for UIQ 3.x Smartphones) is a viewer for PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. Optimized for mobile phones, Pdf+ is very easy to use, fast, small and packs a lot of features.The file view gives you an overview of the PDF documents on your device, and you can manage and open them easily.You can open files encrypted with 40 and 128 bits Standard encryption.In the page view, you get all the functions you''d expect, such as displaying specific pages, searching, zooming and full screen mode. Shortcuts and on-screen buttons give quick access to often-used functions. The built-in help text explains the program in detail. You can reflow the text of a document to make it fit the small screen of a smartphone. You can set column mode to make reading pages using columns of text much easier. You can save your favorite view settings, and you can select which font will be used for standard PDF fonts.Pdf+ can display PDF documents in almost all languages. For displaying certain Chinese and Japanese documents you can install a plug-in.Pdf+ is a native viewer. There is no need to convert a PDF document with your PC to a proprietary format, saving you much time, money and hassle. You can therefore immediately read PDF documents you received as E-mail attachments, or you downloaded from the Web.Basic edition
  • Prev. page, Next page, Go to page
  • Find, Find next
  • Full screen, Landscape, Zoom, Rotate
  • Wrap to screen, Column mode
  • Shortcuts, Preferences
  • Type0 fonts, Chinese, Japanese support
  • Reading E-mail attachments and web downloads
DetailsPdf+ (for UIQ 3.x Smartphones) can display a large number of PDF 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 files.Pdf+ silently ignores some unimplemented features and non-conforming PDF files, it will complain about other unimplemented features and non-conforming PDF files.Pdf+ is designed especially for Smartphones and Communicators. As these devices are still less powerful than desktop computers, some less-often used PDF constructs are not available.
  • Pdf+ can display text in almost any language, in particular when the font used has been embedded. Otherwise, Pdf+ will use the installed fonts to display text. This will only succeed when a ToUnicode translation table has been embedded in the document and when the substituted font contain the used characters.
  • For Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese documents using Type 0 fonts, you need to install the optional plug-ins during installation.
    Documents using Korean Type 0 fonts cannot be read at this time.
  • For non-Unicode encodings, if the ToUnicode translation table is available, the text can also be searched successfully.
  • Pdf+ can only display the complete Symbol and Zapf Dingbats fonts if you have the appropriate font files installed on your device. The built-in fonts only contain some Symbol characters, and none of the Zapf Dingbat characters.
  • Pdf+ doesn''t handle the dynamic content of a PDF file, and it cannot render Type 3 fonts.

Pdf+ Basic (for UIQ 3.x smartphones), compatible Devices


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