Tracker MyWay Outdoor Lite 1 month/300 tiles for Symbian

MyWay Navigator Lite brings to you terrain, nautical and road maps covering several European countries. Features also include a smart compass and find friend feature.
Tracker MyWay Outdoor Lite 1 month/300 tiles
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Tracker MyWay Outdoor Lite 1 month/300 tiles by: Tracker Oy, last updated: 06/01/2008

Requirements: J2ME MIDP2.0 (CLDC1.1) + JSR 75 + JSR 82 + JSR 205 + Bluetooth + Memory card + Max JAR size > 800 K

About Tracker MyWay Outdoor Lite 1 month/300 tiles

MyWay Navigator Lite terrain navigation software in your mobile phone - 1 month license

MyWay Navigator Lite brings to you terrain, nautical and road maps covering several European countries. Features also include a smart compass and a location service to locate a friend.

MyWay Navigator Lite allows you to plan your terrain trip in advance by saving way points or points of interest along your path. Locating yourself and members of your team are now made easier than ever. You can also save the routes you traveled for later use.

MyWay Navigator Lite is a complete navigation software, the only thing that is Lite is the price; You can acquire a monthly or an annual license depending on your needs. Downloading the software Over The Air provides a flexible possibility to install the software anywhere ? even in the desert!

By selecting MyWay Navigator Pro instead of Lite, you are able to track the whole range of Tracker''''s tracking devices, the license is not time limited and the software can be transferred to a new phone.

MyWay Navigator Lite introduction, with detailed features, map examples and screenshots (pdf, new window)

- Support for Bluetooth GPS and integrated GPS
- Coordinates display
- Waypoint saving and navigation to waypoints
- Route navigation
- Track log
- Line tool
- Supported coordinate systems
o WGS84
o YKJ (=KKJ 3)
- Compass direction of the target while not moving by locking the compass to north.

MyWay Navigator Lite map coverage (amount of scales) Road / City:All of Europe West from Ural (3 scales, most detailed city map has road names)

Finland (3 scales), Sweden (1), Norway (1), Denmark (1), UK (1), Germany (1), France (1), Spain (2), Eastern Australia (1)

Europe (2 scales)

Supported languages:
English, Finnish, Swedish. Other languages available soon.

Important notes concerning installation:
1. Click the MyWay Navigator Lite link in the service message you received from the Tracker Web Shop to start installation.
2. Choose your Memory Card as the desired location of the installation and accept all questions.
3. Close the web browser of your phone once the installation is done


Go to the Application Manager of your phone, set the cursor on top of MyWay, press Options ? Open/Suite Settings and check that you have the following settings:
a. Network Access: Always allowed
b. Messaging: Ask every time
c. App. Auto-Start: Ask first time
d. Connectivity: Always allowed
e. Read User Data: Always allowed
f. Edit User Data: Always allowed
g. Positioning: Always allowed (mobiles with integrated GPS)

Once these settings are correct, start MyWay Navigator Lite and type the license code you received on the receipt you received by email. Use Internet settings (not WAP) to register the code.

Installation of this application and the map downloading must be made through GPRS. We recommend you obtain a reasonable GPRS data package contract from your operator before installing!

Some important notes about the license:
The MyWay Navigator Lite license includes a license for 300 map tiles and 12 months for the MyWay Navigator Lite software. The licenses are automatically activated during software registration. The map license is required and used only when downloading maps from the server. Each downloaded map tile decreases the free map tile balance of your account on the server.

It is possible to run the software even though the map license has expired. Downloaded map tiles are saved to the memory card. Using maps stored on the memory card does not affect your map license balance. You can buy more maps and extend the license period from the software.

Supported (tested) Phone Models:Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N95, Nokia N93, Nokia N91, Nokia N82, Nokia N80, Nokia N76, Nokia N73, Nokia E90, Nokia E70, Nokia E65, Nokia E61i, Nokia E61, Nokia E60, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6121 Classic, Nokia 6120 Classic, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 5500, Nokia 3250

Tracker MyWay Outdoor Lite 1 month/300 tiles, compatible Devices


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