Cute Keys for Symbian

Cute Keys Series 60 v3 allows quick access and launch to applications, messaging, files, documents on pressing a key combination
Cute Keys
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Cute Keys by: SymbianGuru, last updated: 20/01/2008

Requirements: Series 60-3 phone, 500 Kb free memory

About Cute Keys

If you often call the same people, open the same applications and send SMS to same recipients - the Cute Keys is the application for you.Cute Keys is a Series 60 v 3 productivity application for creating keyboard shortcuts and performing different actions on hotkey press. With Cute Keys you can create shortcuts for following actions:
  • open chosen application installed on the mobile
  • open selected multimedia file or document
  • call a certain recipient
  • open selected contact from your contact book
  • change Bluetooth status
  • Send SMS/MMS/eMail to selected recipient
  • Browse selected websiteEvery shortcut is set of two, three, or even four buttons on your mobile keyboard. Mostly you can use two buttons, one of which is a special button, and the second one is a number button. Mobiles with QWERTY keyboard allow more possibilities; there you can create the shortcuts similar as you do on your PC.There is no limit for the number of shortcuts created, their number is only limited by the hardware. Please note: order of entering the button combination when making new shortcut is different for different phone models. Sometimes you have to press special button, and after that the number button, sometimes you have to do vice versa. So please experiment!Please note: You can not use two number buttons in one shortcut, you have to use at least one special button or joystick. Cute Keys in action:Cute Keys is very easy to operate. You have to create new shortcut inside of the application, choosing the name for it, the action to be performed and the key combination. After this you may exit the Cute Keys application.Now, if you shortly press the buttons combination that you have set for the certain action, this action will be executed. For example, if you have set ?*?and ?5? as hot key for making call to your best friend, after you press this buttons combination on the mobile, the call to this number will be initiated.Registration InformationThe free full functional trial version of Cute Keys is limited for 10 days. A license code based on IMEI is provided upon purchase.
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