XP Turbo Tracker 3.0/3.1/3.2 Skin for Symbian

XPerience the best example of Windows XP to your Sony Ericsson P800/P900 with a Porsche Turbo Theme. Tired of the boring application list? Transform your phone!
XP Turbo Tracker 3.0/3.1/3.2 Skin
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Version: 1.0

Please check out our flagship, 5 star rated skin, "XPerience 3.1", hereOverviewIntroducing XPorsche Turbo. Based on the leading skin in Windows XP functionality and looks, XPerience 3.1, now with a Porsche Turbo Theme.What's New?What's new in 2.0?The

XP Turbo Tracker 3.0/3.1/3.2 Skin by: XP Skins, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: Requires Tracker 3.0 or above and a file manager to move the skin to C:\\System\\Apps\\Tracker\\Skins

About XP Turbo Tracker 3.0/3.1/3.2 Skin

Please check out our flagship, 5 star rated skin, "XPerience 3.1", here

Introducing XPorsche Turbo. Based on the leading skin in Windows XP functionality and looks, XPerience 3.1, now with a Porsche Turbo Theme.

What's New?
What's new in 2.0?
There's a whole array of new and improved features over "XP Bliss", the original windows style skin, including -

An all new "Contacts" section to place your speed dials, speed sms and mms.
Modem, Infrared and Bluetooth connections now added to the Start Menu.
Button press definition throughout the whole skin.
Improved status lines throughout.
Better defined windows.
Window tabs added to the start bar for a more complete XP feel.
Improved operation and minor bug fixes.
Plus much more...

What's new in 2.1?
Improved and more attractive text throughout
Active Icons now added to the All Programs Menu, as well as the already active labels
Improved, smooth and flawless page alignment
Improved Screensaver added...

What's new in 2.2?
Improved Graphics throughout the whole skin
Improved button press definition throughout
Compact Memory and System Status Bar Commands added to the Start Menu
Improved Tools Window, creating more space for shortcuts and memory information added
Improved Contacts section containing new call, new sms, new mms, new email and new contact commands
Shutdown Sequence now added for a more complete XP feel...

What's new in 3.0?
Complete graphics overhaul, in order to make a more lifelike and precise XP feel.
Improved contacts section, now with new calendar entry and new voice note buttons aswell as a direct search in to the contacts application
Improved and more attractive Tools Page with better layout of memory status
Faster and better loading All Programs menu

Package now contains easy to follow installation instructions aswell as a function overview of all buttons
Updated screensaver added

What's new in 3.1?
Restore/Maximise box added to show/hide the lower status bar (battery, signal strength, virtual flip, etc.)
"My Computer" window added for an overview of drives, skin windows, and memory status
Improved and more P900 friendly "All Programs" menu

Matching Flip closed and flip open backgrounds optimised for the P900
Tutorial on how to keep your old shortcuts...

Any user familiar with "XP Bliss" will be greatly impressed with the new and improved features, and any new customer will be equally impressed with the smooth and flawless operation of the skin, not to mention the outstanding attention to detail.

There is no better XP feel, in looks and operation, finally an operating system worthy of the P800/P900. Tired of the boring application list? Unleash your phones true potential!

In order to see screenshots of XPartial and screenshots of the skin using program and contact shortcuts, as well as the flip open and flip closed backgrounds click on more screenshots.

THIS is the closest and most detailed example of a Windows XP Style Skin yet.

Any user familiar with a Windows interface will automatically be able to use this skin with ease, the skin behaviour is incredibly similar in function and in navigation.

There are ten main sections to the skin: Desktop, Today, Start Menu, All Programs, My Computer Window, Multimedia Window, Tools Window, Games Window, Contacts Section and the shutdown sequence. The Multimedia, Tools and Games Windows are for the user to place their personal program shortcuts in to, such as Camcoder, UnrealPlayer, FileMan & TaskMan, and Games such as V-Rally (see more screenshots). The Contacts section is for personal speed dials, speed sms/mms represented by the contacts picture and appropriate icon (see more screenshots).

Large and clear, icons and descriptions for simple stylus navigation.

Every link within the skin is fully active, including the icons descriptions, as opposed to just the icons acting as an active button. The user does not have to create shortcuts in order to activate the shown links, even in the All Programs Menu, the description is active, and not simply a label.

ALL the default phone programs are easily accessible via the Start Menu, and the All Programs Menu.

This skin has been constructed on the comments of consumers in order to create the ultimate skin for Tracker 3.0, 3.1, or the current 3.2. It has been thoroughly tested and there are no known bugs and no inactive links. This is just like the real thing. Accept no imitations!

PLEASE NOTE: You must have "Tracker 3.0, 3.1 or 3.2" installed on your phone in order for this product to work. (Available from Handango) You can beam the skin (.ztr file) to your phone via infrared, bluetooth or by placing the .ztr file in the Tracker Skins Folder using "FileMan" (free with "Tracker") or by using a similar file moving/managing program. ("Sman", etc) FULL AND DETAILED INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE INCLUDED WITH THE SKIN

For installation, operational support, further information on this or any future skins contact us at: XPSkins@aol.com

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XP Turbo Tracker 3.0/3.1/3.2 Skin, compatible Devices

Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900

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