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Learn more about World War II Battles. FREE first chapter in the trial version
Encyclopedia of World War II Battles. FREE first chapter in the trial version
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Encyclopedia of World War II Battles. FREE first chapter in the trial version by: MobileReference, last updated: 01/10/2007

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About Encyclopedia of World War II Battles. FREE first chapter in the trial version

Learn more about World War II Battles - whether you are preparing for the History Test, a college final, or even if you simply desire to learn more about world history. Features
  • Fully illustrated with maps, schemes, and photographs
  • Search for the words or phrases
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  • Automatic synchronization between the handheld and the desktop PC. You could read half of the book on the handheld, then finish reading on the desktop. Annotations and drawings are also synchronized.
Table of ContentsTimeline of World War II
Battles of 1939
Battles of 1940
Battles of 1941
Battles of 1942
Battles of 1943
Battles of 1944
Battles of 1945
Appendix - Winter War, Second Sino-Japanese WarBattles of 1941
  • Battle of South Henan - Chinese Nationalists led by Li Zongren defeat Japanese.
  • Battle of Shanggao (March 14 - April 9) - Chinese victory.
  • Battle of Cape Matapan March 28 - British Royal Navy task force defeats Italian fleet.
  • Battle of Greece (April 6 - April 24) - Germany takes the Balkan Peninsula after Italian Stalemate.
  • Battle of South Shanxi (May 7 - May 27) - Japanese victory in China.
  • Battle of Denmark Strait May 23 - Bismarck sinks HMS Hood
  • Sinking of the Bismarck May 27 - Famous German Battleship is lost.
  • Battle of Crete May 20 - June 1 - German paratroopers capture Crete, suffer many casualties.
  • Operation Barbarossa June 22 - German invasion of the Soviet Union
  • Armaments
    • PPSh-41 submachine gun
    • T-34
    • KV
    • DP machine gun
    • Panzer II
  • Battle of Bialystok-Minsk (June 22 - June 29) - German victory in Belarus.
  • Battle of Brody June 24 - June 26 - One of the largest tank battles of the World War II
  • Battle of Kiev July 7 - September 26 - The largest encirclement battle of the World War II
  • Battle of Smolensk July 10 - September 10 - Soviet attempt to block Wehrmacht's advance on Moscow
  • Battle of Borodino - July - 7 day battle between the Soviet and the German armies
  • Battle of Uman August 8 - German victory over Soviet Union.
  • Siege of Leningrad (September 8 - January 18, 1944) - City endures three-year Nazi siege.
  • Second Battle of Changsha (September 6 - October 8) - Failed Japanese attempt to take city.
  • Siege of Tobruk (March 31 - November 27) - Erwin Rommel defeated in North Africa.
  • Battle of Rostov November 27.
  • Armaments
    • Machine pistol
  • Battle of Pearl Harbor December 7 - Japanese carrier task force destroys U.S. Fleet in surprise attack
  • Armaments
    • B-17 Flying Fortress
    • Aichi D3A
    • USS Arizona (BB-39)
    • USS California (BB-44)
    • USS Cassin (DD-372)
    • USS Downes (DD-375)
    • USS Pennsylvania (BB-38)
    • Japanese battleship Hiei
    • Japanese cruiser Chikuma
    • Japanese submarine I-25
    • Kagero class destroyer
    • Japanese aircraft carrier Shokaku
  • Battle of Malaya December 8 - Japan invades Malaysia.
  • Naval Battle of Singapore December 10 - Japanese torpedo craft sunk HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse.
  • Battle of Cape Bon December 13 - Italian naval defeat.
  • First Battle of Sirte December 17 - Angelo Iachino defeats Andrew Cunningham in a naval battle.
  • Battle of Wake Island (December 8 - December 23) - Japanese forces capture the Pacific Island.
  • Battle of Prachuab Khirikhan (December 8 - December 23) - Japan conquers Thailand.
  • Battle of Hong Kong (December 8 - December 25) - Japanese drive British forces from their Chinese territory.
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