Encyclopedia of American Cinema. FREE first chapter in the trial version for Symbian

Illustrated Encyclopedia includes biographies of the best American directors and actors, reviews of the best American movies, and lists of awards. FREE first chapter in the trial
Encyclopedia of American Cinema. FREE first chapter in the trial version
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Encyclopedia of American Cinema. FREE first chapter in the trial version by: MobileReference, last updated: 26/09/2007

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About Encyclopedia of American Cinema. FREE first chapter in the trial version

This illustrated Encyclopedia includes biographies of the best American directors and actors, reviews of the best American movies, and lists of awards. FREE first chapter in the trial version.Features
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Table of ContentsI. Cinema of the United States
II. Famous American Directors
III. Famous American Actors
IV. Awards
V. 100 Best American Movies of All Times I. Cinema of the United States: About | History | Notable figures in U.S. filmII. Famous American Directors: A-Z List
Woody Allen
Robert Altman
Hal Ashby
Busby Berkeley
Peter Bogdanovich
Frank Borzage
James L. Brooks
Mel Brooks
Tod Browning
Tim Burton
John Cassavetes
William Castle
Joel and Ethan Coen
Francis Ford Coppola
Roger Corman
Cameron Crowe
George Cukor
Cecil B. DeMille
Brian De Palma
Clint Eastwood
Victor Fleming
John Ford
Bob Fosse
Samuel Fuller
D.W. Griffith
Alice Guy-Blaché
Howard Hawks
George Roy Hill
Alfred Hitchcock
John Huston
Jim Jarmusch
Spike Jonze
Stanley Kubrick
Fritz Lang
Spike Lee
Ernst Lubitsch
George Lucas
Sidney Lumet
David Lynch
Terrence Malick
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Michael Mann
Russ Meyer
Vincente Minnelli
Leo McCarey
Alan J. Pakula
Alexander Payne
Sam Peckinpah
Arthur Penn
Sydney Pollack
Bob Rafelson
Sam Raimi
Nicholas Ray
Jean Renoir
Kevin Smith
Martin Scorsese
Steven Soderbergh
Todd Solondz
Steven Spielberg
Oliver Stone
Quentin Tarantino
Gus Van Sant
King Vidor
Raoul Walsh
John Waters
Robert Wise III. Famous American Actors: A-Z List
Fred Astaire
Lauren Bacall
John Barrymore
Humphrey Bogart
Charles Boyer
Marlon Brando
Louise Brooks
James Cagney
Montgomery Clift
Ronald Colman
Gary Cooper
Joseph Cotten
Joan Crawford
Tom Cruise
Bette Davis
James Dean
Robert De Niro
Johnny Depp
Leonardo DiCaprio
Marlene Dietrich
Kirk Douglas
Melvyn Douglas
Michael Douglas
Irene Dunne
Henry Fonda
Jane Fonda
Harrison Ford
Clark Gable
Ava Gardner
Judy Garland
Richard Gere
Mel Gibson
Tom Hanks
Oliver Hardy
Jean Harlow
Rita Hayworth
Katharine Hepburn
Charlton Heston
Dustin Hoffman
William Holden
Rock Hudson
Angelina Jolie
Buster Keaton
Gene Kelly
Grace Kelly
Nicole Kidman
Alan Ladd
Veronica Lake
Burt Lancaster
Carole Lombard
Fredric March
Joel McCrea
Steve McQueen
Robert Mitchum
Marilyn Monroe
Paul Newman
Jack Nicholson
Al Pacino
Gregory Peck
Brad Pitt
Sidney Poitier
William Powell
Tyrone Power
Robert Redford
Ginger Rogers
Rosalind Russell
Will Smith
Barbara Stanwyck
James Stewart
Meryl Streep
Barbra Streisand
Gloria Swanson
Shirley Temple
Spencer Tracy
Lana Turner
Rudolph Valentino
Denzel Washington
John Wayne
Orson Welles
Mae WestIV. Academy Awards: Academy Award | Current Awards | Retired Awards | Special Awards | Lists of Academy Awards
Emmy Award: About | List of Daytime Emmy winners | List of Primetime Emmy Award winners | List of International Emmy winners
Golden Globe Award: About | List of Award Categories | List of Golden Globe Awards V. 100 Best American Movies of All Times: By Alphabet Order | By YearMore Titles by MobileReference - Search keyword MobileReference for a complete listTRAVEL GUIDES, MAPS, AND PHRASEBOOKS: FREE 20 Language Phrasebook, New York, Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Prague, Vienna, Chicago, Greece, Portugal, Israel, US National Parks, and more. We developed Travel Guides for all major cities and national parks.MEDICINE: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Human Nervous System, Neurophysiology, Neurochemistry, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Medical Abbreviations and Terminology, Nursing and Physical Assessment, Psychology, and more. We developed Quick-Study Guides for most medical/nursing school classes.SCIENCE: FREE Periodic Table of Elements, FREE Weight and Measures - Units Conversion, Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Physics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and more. We developed Quick-Study Guides for each and every College class.HUMANITIES: Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Art History, Greek and Roman Mythology, European History, U.S. History, World Religions, English Grammar and Punctuation, Rhetoric and Composition, and more. HISTORY: Encyclopedia-The World's Biggest English Encyclopedia-1.5 Million Articles, Art History Guide, American Presidents, World Religions, European History, U.S. History, US Constitution and Government, Greek and Roman Mythology, 100 Richest People in the World, and moreHEALTH: FREE Hangover Remedy, Acupressure Guide, First Aid Guide, Diabetes Care, Asthma Care, Headache Remedy, and moreRELIGION: The Illustrated King James Bible, The Illustrated American Standard Bible, The Illustrated World English Bible (Modern Translation), World Religions, and moreHOBBIES AND GAMES: Art of Love, Cookbook, Cocktails and Drinking Games, Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Chess Guide, and more

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