SimWorks Anti-Virus UIQ3 for Symbian

SimWorks Anti-Virus protects your phone from viruses and other malware such as Appdisabler and Doomboot and the recently identified Romride, Redbrowser and Romsilly viruses.
SimWorks Anti-Virus UIQ3
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Version: 1.3.1

SimWorks Anti-Virus UIQ3 by: SimWorks International Limited, last updated: 14/10/2007

Requirements: 250KB available phone memory.

About SimWorks Anti-Virus UIQ3

SimWorks Anti-Virus 1.3.1NEW! SimWorks Anti-Virus is now Symbian Signed and protects against the recently identified Romride, Redbrowser, Romsilly viruses!

Protect your phone from viruses with Simworks Anti-Virus. SimWorks Anti-Virus actively scans and protects your phone from viruses. Unlike other products which operate from a PC, SimWorks Anti-Virus actually runs on your phone so you're protected 24x7, not just at your desktop.

Simworks Anti-Virus features:
  • scans all incoming messages in real time as they arrive providing immediate protection;
  • manual scan available anytime;
  • set to autoscan as frequently as you want;
  • auto-starts when phone turned on;
  • auto-updates to provide the most up to date protection possible;
  • includes 12 month subscription to SimWorks Anti-Virus update service;
  • English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic language support;
  • always-on background operation;
  • viewable log;
  • low memory footprint, especially when operating in background; and
  • transferrable between phones.

SimWorks Anti-Virus protects phone's from all known viruses such as the Cabir variants, the Mosquitoes dialer trojan, Skulls variants, Camtimer variants, Velasco, Gavno, CommWarrior, Mabir, Drever variants, Locknut variants, Appdisabler, Doomboot and the recently identified Romride, Redbrowser and Romsilly viruses.

SimWorks Anti-Virus is compatible with all phones using the Symbian operating system such as the popular SonyEricsson P990 and P1i and Motorola's Z8.

With more and more smart phones shipped every year your phone is becoming a lot more attractive to virus writers and unlike traditional PC viruses, there's a much higher chance that a virus on your phone will hit you in the pocket.

What could a virus do?
  • corrupt your phone making it unusable;
  • damage your applications;
  • use your phone to send SMS spam;
  • make an expensive overseas phone calls or incur expensive data charges;
  • permanently burn out your SIM card;
  • delete your address book; or
  • randomly send pictures from your phone's camera to people in your address book.

Protect your phone with SimWorks Anti-Virus today.

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