phantomEye MySpot SOS for Symbian

Location Beacon and SOS emergency Application
phantomEye MySpot SOS
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Version: 1.0.0

phantomEye MySpot SOS by: GeoPresent Pty Ltd, last updated: 02/11/2007

Requirements: GPS enabled phone or blue tooth GPS [Series 60 rd Edition like Nokia 6110 , Nokia N95 etc ]

About phantomEye MySpot SOS

MySpotby phantomEye : A personal security system for Nokia GPS phones

What is it:
If you work, live and travel alone then you need this software. MySpotSOS is a software that allows a user to leave behind theirlocation breadcrumbs and notify multiple people when in an emergency .On most cell phones it is as easy as slide and click. The softwarecomes integrated with a GPS location tracking web site, so it is readyto use.

  •  Cellphone software - that works with the GPS phones withSymbian OS and also with blue tooth enabled GPS phones
  •  Privacyprotection - users sends location at own will
  •  All location data logged at a central server
  •  Convenient and discreet usage possible ? singleclick for sending out SOS message
  •  SOS broadcast system - SOS once received byphantomEye is sent to all recipients on the users Supervisors / Friendslist. Notification is via e-mail, SMS, IM, twitter and by automatedvoice calls.
  •  User can set SOScountdown timer before starting potentially dangerous task(when alone) - like cleaning the roof or swimming alone or bush walking
  •  One voice number is dialed from the phoneautomatically
  •  GPS is a power hungry chipset. Many'built-for-purpose' devices need to be kept on all the time to keep theGPS position in memory. MySpot allows user to take their position andswitch off GPS to conserve battery life.

How does it work
When you press a "send my location" button it is recorded in yourwebsite login. If you send a SOS message, the message is stored on thewebsite and also distributed to all on your notification list from yourwebsite. The location alert send reads like

" Attention Joe Blog,  SOS message from  rover1 - at15:33 PM location is 34 Pacific Coast Hwy, South Laguna, California,USA. "

The description of the alert will vary from one country to the next.

Is My Privacy Protected ?
Yes, you decide when to update your location and when to press a SOSbutton.

Where does it work ?
World over where GSM networks are supported. You must have a SIM cardwith a GPRS or Data Plan activated.

Who can benefit ?
  •     Door to door Marketeers
  •     Health Staff and Councilorsvisiting outdoor patients
  •     Road, Rail, Transportworkers, Telecom and organizations that employ people to work alonetending to outdoor assets for repair or checking
  •     Security companies withpatrol guards
  •     Kids and Teenagers - forkeeping their families informed
  •     Backpackers, travelers, bushwalkers
  •     Anyone working, traveling or livingalone.

phantomEye MySpot SOS, compatible Devices


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