Media Map for Symbian

Say goodbye to files and folders! Find your stuff the easy way with Media Map''s graphical view of all the media and documents on your device wherever thay may be.
Media Map
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Media Map by: AcroDesign Technologies, last updated: 30/03/2008

Requirements: 500KB memory

About Media Map

Introducing Media MapFiles and folders are a thing of the past ... Welcome to Media Map, the smart way to access your media and documents.Media Map presents a graphical view of your media and documents by author, age, type, album, or even your own custom tags. Simply select a term on the map and press the list button to view a list of all the matching media and documents.Too many results, simply tap another term to narrow down your results even further. Once you've located what your looking for just select it to open it, or select the ''Play All'' menu item to open all the result as a playlist in the media player.Media Map Features
  • Graphical view of media and documents
  • Easily search by one or multiple terms
  • Add your own search tags to any file
  • Automatically create playlists from results
  • Supports all screen sizes
  • Supports memory cards
Media serversIf you have a device with WiFi (e.g. P990, W960) and locally connected Windows Media Sharing computers, then you can browse and copy files on your media server. You cannot copy DRM protected files, however, as they will not play on your mobile device without proper licensing.

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