TimeTool S60 3rd-edition (EN) for Symbian

TimeTool can help you to manage the workday with helpful features like Talking Clock, Talking Reminder and many more.
TimeTool S60 3rd-edition (EN)
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TimeTool S60 3rd-edition (EN) by: TimeTool Solutions, last updated: 29/04/2008

Requirements: Symbian 9.1 or higher and needs about 1 MB of phone or expansion memory.

About TimeTool S60 3rd-edition (EN)

The Timer with the Talking Reminder is telling you how much time you have for a task. The Planner helps you to manage weekly repeating events and exonerate the Calendar. Talking Clock speaks the time every 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes and can inform you about new messages in the Inbox. The Stopwatch will help you to measure the time for what you want.The MultiTimer is useful to manage several important events. By using one of TimeTool special alarm signals you'll be enabled to distinguish different events by sound.
A german localized version with the name "TimeTool S60 3rd-edition (DE)" is also available.

TimeTool S60 3rd-edition (EN), compatible Devices


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