SMS Firewall&Guard for Symbian

Provides powerful, confidential protection for SMS + SMS spam manager
SMS Firewall&Guard
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SMS Firewall&Guard by: SymbianOn, last updated: 24/01/2008

Requirements: UIQ 3.0

About SMS Firewall&Guard

SMS Firewall&Guard

Worry about your important and secret SMS being found by someone? SMS Firewall&Guard could protect them for you. three type secret notify could offer a perfect SMS hiding solution for different case! Bothered by rubbish SMS? SMS Firewall&Guard could block them for you!
it is designed to auto-conceal the messages sent by the specified private contact person. The messeges is eligible to the user only when password is input. The messages from the blacklist contact would be auto-deleted

User Guard

you can read the details from the following site:

It has the following functions:

1 SMS-hiding
When the SMS-hidden is lauched, the SMS sent from the list would be auto-hid without displaying in the inbox.
Click the "Add" in the hidden list(the first icon) to add name needed to hidden SMS. "Delete the contact person" is in the "More" .

2 SMS-Blocking
When the junk SMS-blocking is launched, SMS sent from the added list would be auto-deleted.
Click the "Add" in the blocking list(the second icon) to add name needed to be blocked. Also can input the number needed to be blocked by adding the number in the "More".

3 Three secret type notify
You can specify three secret notification when SMS from hidden contact list,when your secrete SMS come, while others near you do not know!
a. you can set the "auto-reply" or not: Input the auto-replyed text message by clicking the reply.
b. you can set the "Tip on secret SMS": Flashing icon for the received secret SMS or not.
c. you can set the "Sound": Only WAV for the custom sound.

4 Auto start enable
By default, this application is auto-started.

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