Alnet VDRC for Symbian

View High Definition Surveillance Cameras in the EU and America!!! Free for all to try! Best remote client for Cellphone's and PDA's!!!
Alnet VDRC
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Alnet VDRC by: Alnet Systems, Inc., last updated: 04/02/2008

Requirements: Symbian S60 3rd Edition

About Alnet VDRC

Free Alnet VDR-C Software!!!

World’'s Best Remote Client software for viewing High Definition and IP Cameras over wireless devices such as PDA’'s and Smartphones. VDRC Mobile is the most advanced client application of this type on the market. Thanks to an effective system of image data transmission between VDRS/NetStation servers, it's the solution which offers the highest speed and the best image quality with the lowest amount of data. It's useful with low-bandwidth wireless connections such as GPRS, EDGE, and 3G. For more information please visit our Website or send us an Email. In the email please provide us with what you are looking for, and the Model of the Device.It includes options as multiple connections to be able to view remote servers, located all over the world. Using our FREE!!! DNS Server, you will never have to remember another IP address, just remember the name that you registered.From our menu, you have a multitude of options that include: Camera, Settings, Output Switches, Input Alarms, and Archives. Each of these functions work by allowing you to view and control everything that is happening on your Video Surveillance Server.This software allows you to set the Picture quality, depending on what the requirements are for viewing the specific server. It allows the setting of the maximum number of frames that it can recieve from the server. It also allows the ability to change the Resolution of the Video Stream that is sent your mobile device.With the Input option you can watch all the alarm inputs that occur on the remote server. This list will show you all the alarms that have been activated from the Input on a IP camera, or an input from an Analog Card. This will display the Input's name and the time that it occured. These inputs can come from things such as Motion Sensors and Window and Door Sensors. This will help closely montior all the activity without even seeing it on the camera.With this option, you can control outputs on your Video Surveillance Server. With this option, a number of devices can be controlled such as lights, gates, or anything else that can be connected to the Output, on the IP Camera, or Analog Camera Server. With the Output control you will be able to closely monitor areas.This application is able to view remote recordings that are located on the remote server. You have the ability to choose the Date, Time and camera that you would like to play back. Once the connection is synchronized, the recording is the same as if it were being viewed at the server.With the VDR-C client, you are able to remotely control the Pan/Tilt/Zoom of any camera that is connected to the server, and has the ability built in. It can be controlled using the joystick, and the * and # keys, for zooming functionality. This is a great feature for places that require the ability to move the camera, to presets, or just to look around.

Alnet VDRC, compatible Devices

LG JoY, Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500d, Nokia 5700, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 6120, Nokia 6121, Nokia 6290, Nokia E50, Nokia E51, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N80, Nokia N81, Nokia N82, Nokia N91, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95, Samsung Sgh-i400, Samsung Sgh-i450, Samsung SGH-i520, Samsung Sgh-i550, Samsung Sgh-i560

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