ADnota album for Symbian

In addition to the usual features ADnota album comes with several exceptional functions: GPS based geotagging, location based picture search, voice tags/voice search
ADnota album
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Version: 4.01

ADnota album by: adnota GmbH, last updated: 27/01/2008

Requirements: Symbian OS 9.2, 1 MByte, MMC

About ADnota album

ADnota album Key Features Geotagging and Location SearchAfter a picture is taken, the network cell ID is stored automatically with the picture. Whenever GPS coordinates are available, either form an internal or an external GPS receiver, they are inserted in the image file (format: EXIF).A location based search looks for pictures that were taken at the same location as the reference picture or for pictures that were taken at your current location. The search uses the GPS coordinates (if available) and the network cell IDs. It generates a list of pictures, sorted by their distance from the starting point. Voice Tagging and Voice SearchWhat''s more natural than saying "Sandy" when you''re looking for a photo of her? Voice tagging lets you associate spoken keywords (e.g. names) with photos, so that you can retrieve them by simply saying a keyword. A picture can have multiple voice tags attached to it.Voice search returns a list of all pictures with voice tags. The best matches appear first, beginning in the top left corner of the result overview.Technically speaking, the voice search function of ADnota album sorts the photos corresponding to the acoustical similarity between the search word and stored voice tags. A red bar on the right side of the photo reflects this similarity. Date Search, Text and Name SearchThe time-tested classics.Easy browsingThe tiled layout is clear and provides an excellent overview at a glance. The grid size can be customized. A status line below the grid displays your current position and the distance to the selected picture. Metadata such as GPS coordinates and network cell IDs, picture resolution and time of capture are shown in the Details mode. Messaging To share your data with others or to transfer it to other devices ADnota album features various communication channels. You may send photos via MMS or e-mail, Bluetooth or Infrared. The transferred image files contain the GPS coordinates. Network cell IDs are not exported. PlatformsNokia N95

ADnota album, compatible Devices


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