Mix 'n' Access for Symbian

Feel like there are too many functions on your Nokia that you don't know and aren't using? Say goodbye to menu by accessing 140+ functions in just 3 steps!
Mix 'n' Access
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Mix 'n' Access by: CANNAC, Inc, last updated: 16/01/2008

Requirements: S60 3rd Edition, 269KB

About Mix 'n' Access

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of functions your NOKIA has? Feel like you're not making the most of the NOKIA phone you decided to stay with for the next year or so?Stop spending time trying to find a function or learning how to use your device! Put your device into what it's supposed to do - serve you!With Mix 'n' Access, you no longer need to dig into the phone menu only to find out that what you want to do on the phone cannot be realized.Mix 'n' Access lets you instantly access and use 140+ device functions in quick 3 steps. For example, did you know that your phone could:
  • Reject incoming calls by sending a message to caller
  • Remember your anniversary
  • Let you use the phone even where network connection is not permitted?
What's more, if you like the function you find, you can bookmark it as a shortcut. You'll forever say good-bye to digging in the menu!Features included:
Any Function within 20 Seconds Away
Mix 'n' Access will display concepts of things you might want to achieve using your device. These concepts are represented in visual, eye-catching graphics. All you need to do is interlock 2 graphics which then combine to produce device functions you would have never found through the menu. They are full of hacks and ways to make the most of your device.Create Your Own Favorite Functions List
Afraid you'll need to dig through the device menu to find a function later on? No more! Bookmark a device function you find through Mix 'n' Access. Next time you need it, simply launch Mix 'n' Access and go to your Bookmarks section.

Mix 'n' Access, compatible Devices


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