HP-45 (Donation Item) for Symbian

HP-45 is a full featured Emulator of the classic HP45 calculator.
HP-45 (Donation Item)
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HP-45 (Donation Item) by: Martin Krischik Softwareentwicklung, last updated: 03/03/2008

Requirements: CLDC-1.1 MIDP-2.0

About HP-45 (Donation Item)

DescriptionHP-45 is a true hardware emulation so thecalculator will behave just like the original. Together with thephoto of an real HP45 as background the Emulator gives you thefeeling of using a real calculator as well a cool retro look:

The emulator runs in full screen mode and the onscreen buttons are far enough apart for finger use. In addition allfunction are available via qwerty keyboard on devices which featuresuch a keyboard:

Device CompatibilityThe application in written in JavaME (CLDC-1.1,MIDP-2.0) and is designed for an Quarter-VGA portrait display (240 ×320 pixel). HP45 will run on any mobile device which offers suchcharacteristics.LinksSee what the HP-45 can do:
  • HP-45 (HP-Museum)
  • HP-45 Features (HP-Museum)
Note that is not possible to press CHS-7-8simultaneously on a touch screen (or on the qwerty keyboard).OpenSourceLicensed under the under GNU Public LicenceVersion 3, which gives you a a few extra advantages:
  • No annoying copy protection or registration keys.
  • You can change the application to optimize it for your personal use.
  • You can port the application to a new device.
  • You can sell modified versions.
Sourcecode is included in the regular download.History1.1.6First public release.

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