SymSMB v.3.10 for UIQ3 for Symbian

Move the photos, videos, music and all other files between phones and computers wirelessly! Become mobile finally as no more cable is needed for Hi-Speed access!
SymSMB v.3.10 for UIQ3
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SymSMB v.3.10 for UIQ3 by: Telexy Networks Inc., last updated: 04/03/2008

Requirements: UIQ3 phones with Hi-Speed wireless capabilities (Wi-Fi, 3G, 3.5G, WiMAX and so on)

About SymSMB v.3.10 for UIQ3

The only application available today
for Hi-Speed Wireless file sharing between UIQ3 mobile phones and computers
with industry standard secure network communications.
Available in 8 languages!

There are 3 programs in 1 application:
  • phone to computer wireless access;
  • computer to phone wireless access;
  • file manager ( file explorer ).
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There are at least a few Hi-Speed Wireless Protocols to choose from.
... and best of all you have nothing to install oncomputer at all!

Share, browse, access, transfer, organize, rename, copy or move any files and folders between mobile phone and computer! Backup and restore your important data. Copy-paste or Drag-and-drop files and even complete folders with sub-folders from your Desktop or Explorer directly to your phone and vice versa. You can use any favorite file browser on computer for this.

Do it anyway you like, anytime, anywhere! Do it from a computer. Do it from a phone too! Do it from both at the same time for crying out loud, as the only known problem with current SymSMB 3.10 version is that it will not provide you with second pair of hands (hopefully that will be fixed in the next version :) ), but everything else is ready for you.
You could even have phone to phone access should you choose.

Do it with stile. Do it WIRELESSLY. Your phone is named the "mobile" for a reason. You would never go back to that ancient Cable Era again!

Get advantage of secure and manageable configuration for Hi-Speed wireless connection to any shared folder on any computer for any user. Use your phone to access 5 computers at the same time, or let another 5 computers to have access to shared folders on your phone if you need it. Maintain a full file access or read only one, password protected, you choose what you need.
Add the real meaning to the mobile network concept!
What? You don't have 5 computers yet? Its okay, SymSMB will works with one standalone desktop or laptop computer as well as with computers from workgroups or domains. You could use WiFi in Ad Hoc mode too.

Install full functioning trial version at your smartphone now and see for yourself.
To download directly on your mobile phone, you could go to, then click on "Products" and choose SymSMB v.3.10 for UIQ3.

Currently Compatible with latest UIQ3 mobile phones:
  • Sony Ericsson G900, P1i, P990i, W960i;
  • Motorola Moto Z10.
Expected compatibility with other UIQ3 mobile phones(devices) of any manufacturer with support at least one of the following wireless protocols: Wi-Fi, WCDMA, HSDPA 3G and 3.5G, WiMAX and so on;Compatible with following computer Operation Sytems and devices:
  • Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003;
  • Linux;
  • Mac;
  • ... probably some others.
Documentation is provided. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. You could have a look at FAQ section and forum on our website for additional information as well. Check out the Publication section at our web site as you may find something interesting there too.

For more information, documentation, news, FAQ, forum, publications
and for the latest version download please visit

... Are you looking for Samba, SmbMount, GnuBox, FileXchange, Total Commander, SYMBFS or SSH, FTP, SMB and CIFS for UIQ3 mobile phone? UIQ3 Networking? Look no more!
You are just one step away from the answer and now is the perfect time to try something new, faster and better!

Let's see just a few examples what you can do with SymSMB 3.10 and without hassle with cables:
  • Move any files and folders between your phone and computer with clicks of your mouse in your favorite file browser on your computer. If you do know how to copy and paste, then you are the expert in wireless file transfer already! What could be easier?
  • Use all powerful search options of your computer to search all over your mobile phone files. How are you doing it now?
  • Use your mobile phone to upload newest photo on your website right from downhill ski slope!
  • Take a picture of a friend on your phone and see that brand new smile at your computer monitor the very next moment.
  • Use your phone from Wi-Fi hot spots in local coffee place, airport or hotel to browse and copy files to and from your home computer, have you ever given this any consideration?
  • Make your computer the unlimited file storage place for your phone! What free space could you have on E:\ now ? 4Gb or 8Gb? What about adding to you phone the brand new drive S:\ with free space of 100 Gb or more?
  • Phone-to-phone file transfer - copy pictures and music, video and audio, office documents, pdf , mp3 or any other files between your phone and your friend phone at the same Wi-Fi spot.
  • File synchronization between phone and PC (and/or other mobile phones) the way you like.
  • Access not only computers in your WLAN, but any accessible remote computer in Internet as well.
  • Use the antivirus software from your computer to check your phone files wirelessly.

SymSMB v.3.10 for UIQ3, compatible Devices


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