Peg Solitaire Classic for Symbian

A classical peg solitaire IQ puzzle invented hundreds of years ago. Move the pegs one over the other so that only one remains.
Peg Solitaire Classic
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Peg Solitaire Classic by: Five Deer Limited, last updated: 14/03/2008

Requirements: J2ME with 240x320 display size

About Peg Solitaire Classic

A classic peg solitaire puzzle invented by a French nobleman hundreds year ago. Move the pegs one over the other so that only one remains

About 200 years before the French Revolution, a French nobleman was imprisoned in Bastille. Out of boredom, this nobleman thought playing chess would be a good idea to kill time. But there was nobody to play with. He then designed a puzzle on a then well-known "Fox and Geese Board" to play alone. This is the story of Peg Solitaire.


The object of this puzzle is to remove all pegs except one, leaving the last peg in the center hole. You may start with any peg on the board, and jump over the peg next to it, landing on a blank hole. The peg being jumped over will be removed from the board.

Copyright © 2008 Five Deers Limited. All rights reserved.

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