Chinese Checkers Heroes for Symbian

Chinese Checkers Heroes is a Chinese Checkers board game. You may choose to play with six different opponents. They are artificially intelligent with different strategies...
Chinese Checkers Heroes
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Chinese Checkers Heroes by: Five Deer Limited, last updated: 09/03/2008

Requirements: J2ME with 240x320 display size

About Chinese Checkers Heroes

Chinese Checkers Heroes is a Chinese Checkers board game. The checkers board is laid out in a six-pointed star. Each corner is the home of one of the six sets of colored marbles, ten of each color.
The goal of the game is to relocate all your colored marbles to the opposite corner. Players take turns moving one marble a time. The move can either be a single step or a chain of hops. A hop may jump over a single adjacent marble to an unoccupied space at the opposite side. A hop may also jump over a distant marble to a symmetrical position on the opposite side. You may choose to play the game for 2, 3, 4 or 6 players. A player can be a human being (You), or any of the six artificially-intelligent "Heroes". You may play the game with your f??iends and the Heroes. The Heroes have different strategies. Here they are: Juno: brave Al: straight-head and conservative Frank: think-ahead Iyer: think-ahead and conservative Chung: analytical Ellen: analytical and conservative When it is your turn to move, possible hop space are shown. Use right or left key to choose the space, and see it hops!

Copyright © 2008 Five Deer Limited. All rights reserved.

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