DVD to GO - Convert DVD to Your Sony Ericsson! for Symbian

Watch your DVD''s, home movies and others video files in your Sony Ericsson Cell Phone easily, at a High Speed Recording ''''on-fly'''' conversion. Designed for dummies!
DVD to GO - Convert DVD to Your Sony Ericsson!
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DVD to GO - Convert DVD to Your Sony Ericsson! by: Softatics Corporation, last updated: 14/03/2008

Requirements: Sony Ericsson Cell Phones

About DVD to GO - Convert DVD to Your Sony Ericsson!

What is DVD to GO? DVD to GO is a desktop application giving you a quick and easy way to convert DVDs and video files to your Sony Ericsson Cell Phone format, including a true real-time Full Player preview.Turn your Sony Ericsson into a Pocket Movie Player with an amazing picture and sound quality...Have fun on the GO! Take your DVDs on the plane, train or automobile, watch them on vacation, at work or at school. DVD to GO provides anAll-In-One solution to convert automatically your DVD, or video file(MPEG, AVI, WMV, etc. ) on the PC to a super small movie file, which will play on your Sony Ericsson cell phone device on a postage stamp size memory card. On a 1 Gb card you can store 8 feature films or 10 hours of TV or Youtube programming! How it Works 
  • Insert your DVD disk in your Computer.
  • Open the DVD to GO application.
  • Click "Open DVD" and Follow wizard instructions. You can just use the default settings suitable in most cases or adjust the parameters like output format, stretching mode and quality if necessary. At the last Wizard step the "conversion process" starts copying the output file in your Computer.
  • Copy the output file from your hard disk into a storage card.
  • Insert storage card with the movie to your Sony Ericsson Cell Phone and watch the converted video on it.
  •  Basic Features - version 2.6 
  • DVD to GO is highly easy to use with its simple step by step Wizard interface!
  • Windows Mobile Smartphones supported (qVGA, VGA and square screen).
  • You can fit a standard DVD on just a single 128mb memory card. Target the output size before conversion. Your video will not fit on your fix-sized memory card? With DVD to GO, this will never happen. You can see and adjust the size precisely before you hit the Convert It! button.
  • Crispy clear picture! Higher quality video and audio, supporting 730 Kbit/s video with CD quality sound.
  • You can record multiple episodes to separate files (and its easy to do!).
  • Possibility to convert entire movie or only some part.For example: a specific DVD chapter.
  • Full offline manual. The included manual contains a wealth of information in regards of all the options in DVD to GO. It includes a Quick Start - Step by Step guide -.
  • Set start & stop time for recording. You can specify start and stop points to record just a part of the dvd or video file. Also, you can, if you want, "Stop" the Recording Process at any time.
  • You can change the language and subtitles, using the DVD Menu.
  • Compatible to all DVDs. DVD To GO can successfully convert dozens of special DVD titles which other software does not support.
  • Video file conversion. DVD to GO can convert nearly all modern standard video file formats (MPEG, AVI and WMV files!) into a type that can be displayed on your device.
  • No additional software needed on Smartphone! You can then play back the converted movie files using the standard Windows Media Player already installed on your Smartphone.
  • Adjustable quality. You can either limit the output file size manually or just choose the video quality.
  • Assign any Folder for Output Files. DVD to GO selects, by default, your Desktop as the destination of your converted movies, but you can change it to any other folder on your computer or on a Memory Card .
  • You can change the output file name.By default the output file Format is : DVDtoGO.DATE.TIME.wmv (example: DVDtoGO.Jun25.9h16m.wmv).
  • Conversion is "True Real-Time", faster than other softwares while supporting full DVD features.
  • No temporary disk space is needed, while other software may require 4 to 9GB additional free disk space.
  • No more black bars on top and bottom of the movie. Support cropping mode "Widescreen & Fullscreen". Make widescreen movies appear in full screen (Landscape) on your device.
  • Dual core CPU support.
  • Free trial version is available - try before you buy.
  •  Unique Features  -  WOW! Uniqueness: DVD To GO is the only one "DVD to Sony Ericsson Cell Phone Converter" application that can Convert your DVD or video file while it is in a normal playback mode, namely you can enjoy your movie while the "Conversion Process" is in progress in "Fullscreen, pausing or muting it"; saving customers time.
    • You can Watch the Movie in FullScreen while DVD to GO is Converting It!
    • You can Pause/Play the Movie while DVD to GO is Converting It!
    • You can Mute/UnMute the Movie while DVD to GO is Converting It!
    *This Useful feature makes possible that you can pause the movie for taking a phone call or go for a snack, meanwhile you watch it in Fullscreen.   

    DVD to GO - Convert DVD to Your Sony Ericsson!, compatible Devices


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