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Derived from nearly two-and-a-half decades of experience Seisan Consulting, LLC has culminated right into a market leader in providing customized web, mobile and geospatial solutions. For over twenty years, Seisan has generated a rock-solid good name for partnering with businesses and providing outstanding programming and consulting services. Their talented team of developers and designers takes all the pride in helping clients throughout the crafting and implementation of smart, scalable web, mobile and geospatial applications the way it does in delivering them on-time and on-budget. “As a consequence, our client roster features a remarkable list of big players through the entire United States and Europe across a broad spectrum of industries,” says Charles Durham, Principal/President of Seisan.

Seisan was founded in Lancaster, PA in 1992 like a custom software development firm by Charles Durham and Curt Tomlinson. They take great pride in succeeding as the development partner to firms like Verizon, Intel, Ernst & Young, Weight Watchers and numerous others alongside as a possible award winning firm masters in web and mobile content management services for the private sector plus the United States Federal Government. Under Charles’ steadfast leadership Seisan keeps their client’s needs the main point on what they do and gives innovative solutions by seeing them about the ever-changing world of what is possible. “Our team includes a deep concentrate on learning and innovation, hosting and participating regularly in developing each of our proof of concepts through ‘hack-a-thons’ as well as other tech challenges. It is through this give attention to innovation that individuals are able to better develop holistic solutions,” adds Charles.

” Seisan isn’t your average technology company that is by design. While we share common ground using the best organizations inside world - including an intense consentrate on innovation and smart business practices - we retain that organization feel “
Seisan has successfully launched numerous large projects requiring highly scalable architectures that could handle 1000s of concurrent requests. The company also has worked with diversified development teams and engineers at adapting and understanding their development methodologies and procedures to effectively boost their programming, system or product. The company analyzes the fact that client’s current enterprise architecture has been utilized and ways in which best to implement the answer and please take a technology agnostic approach while using best available tools and technologies. In an instance, by uniting their proven geospatial and system integration expertise,Seisan designed and created robust number of custom computer programs to streamline Flagger Force’s - a leading traffic control company - manual business processes. Seisan provided a automated tracking system utilizing in-vehicle GPScoupled which has a user-friendly dashboard to check thatdisplays real-time statuses and enable quick resolutionto issues from the field.

“Seisan isn’t your average technology company that is certainly by design. While we share common ground together with the best organizations inside the world - including an intense consentrate on innovation and smart business practices - we retain that organization feel,” says Charles. “Our method is quite simple. We hire driven, innovative people who can think broadly and deeply and who will challenge the status quo. In doing so, the world thinks they bring greater value to clients. We believe that the team means everything.”

Seisan leverages an agile development methodology and utilizes leading-edge technologies, taking pride in equipping the clients with capabilities that have been otherwise unattainable as a result of budget or time limits. It is pertinent to note that the company is obsessed with delivering immersive solutions that exceeds the clients’ visionand empower these phones meet their set goals.

Best Technology Solution Providers

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